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How Does It Work?

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It won’t cost you a penny to become a partner in our platform. We only charge our partners per booking. All we ask of you is to provide transportation and an amazing experience to our members. Just tell us how far you are willing to drive and change your status to "Available" when you are ready to receive pick-up requests from new customers.

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We will notify you about every new request. Just pick up your new customers and give them a great experience

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No upfront Fees
Generate Word-of-Mouth Advertisting
Use Meetnative as another revenue stream
Get In-person Feedback
Easily calculate your ROI
Increase your reviews & recommendations
Get to know your customers personally
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MeetNative Beta is currently live in Miami! Don’t miss the opportunity to become a partner before we reach our limit!

Please keep in mind that we can only accept a certain amount of Partners. After which, new aspiring Partners will be placed on our waiting list.